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Connect Direct Media offers a varied spectrum of advertising solutions to its clients. Being an online platform CDM enables the advertisers to designtheir own media mix or they can seek the advice of our media experts.


One of the old and effective medium to connect the captive audience. This medium reaches out to the desired niche potential customers the brand desires. The varied categories like Fashion, Travel, Inflight, Luxury, General News, Business etc. target the desired clients.

OOH Media

One of the vast media options with varied ways to catch the potential client. This medium offers multiple platforms like Billboards, Neon’s, Metro Branding, Railway Station Branding, Wall Painting, etc. This medium is cost effective and works wonders in Branding.


Newspapers is one of the oldest forms of advertising. It is still believed that without this medium the advertising is not complete. There are multiple options available in this format of advertising.

Radio FM

The new medium of advertising which has gained the momentum because of its high reach and better ROI. This is one of the effective tools to reach out the masses. It also offers an interactive platform by making the customer participate as per its interests.

Creative Creation

The inhouse Connect Direct Media Creative Team is an expert in designing and creating the adverts as per the client brief. We understand what our client thinks and then propose the solutions accordingly. We firmly believe that a, “Picture passes the message better than the words”.

Digital Media

Digital Media is one of the most economical and effective media to reach out the desired audience. The multiple tools like Facebook, Instagram, Google, LinkedIn, etc.. are used to design a campaign..

Cinema Advertising

This new age tool is one of the most effective medium to catch the audience at leisure. This medium enables the advertiser to register its product in the mind and can also trigger the purchase pattern of the consumer. Both On-screen & Off-screen options are available to reach the clients.


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