Magazines Advertising

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This is one of the old forms of advertising which gives an edge to reach out the niche audience. Magazine Advertising enables the advertiser to reach out his consumers in a well-defined context. Print format also generates an opportunity to engage with the customers creatively with well crafted creative.The magazines can be categorized under various sub-heads like Current Affairs, Fashion, Luxury, Travel, Inflight, Architecture, etc…

Benefits of Magazines Advertising

Focused & Targeted

Since Magazines cater to a niche audience, thus the advertiser has the liberty to pick and choose the magazine of its generation. The advertising in magazines is always focused and targeted to its audience only.

Reliable Source

New Brands do have an opportunity to ride on the brand image of the popular magazines. The readers always consider the advertising in this format sincerely. Few magazines have already limited the type of clients.

Long-lasting Impression

Magazines usually have a long shelf life of a month. The creatives used by the advertiser are also impressive, and the repetitive adverts of an advertiser do create a long-lasting impression in the mind of the reader. The consumer generally starts relating to the Brand.

Cover Story

 Magazines normally do a cover story on brands which shares the detailed journey of the Brand. This facilitates the client to get connected with its audience and pass on the clear message.


This is most beautiful medium to innovate the communication to reach out the end consumer. It offers Gatefolds, Tabs, Product Placement, Flyers, etc.. to the advertiser.