Cinema Advertising

Fill Form to Design Media Plan

The most interesting media vehicle to catch the audience at leisure.When in Cinema the consumer is in relaxing mode and is most receptive to register the message from the brands. This is the only reason that Cinema Advertising has gained momentum over the years. Not only the big cinema chains like PVR, Inox, Cinepolis, etc.. have embarked their presence but the Single Screens have also created their own space in the advertising. Majorly there are two types of advertising options, ONSCREEN & OFF SCREEN available in Cinema Advertising.

Benefits of Cinema Advertising


High Receptiveness

The target audience at the Cinema is in a most receptive format as they are there with the family or friends.The consumers are normally noticed discussing the adverts in the Cinema Chains as they love to chat.​


Better Impact

Large Cinema Screens give a larger than life impact on the advertisers. The availability of the improved versions of Audio Visuals leave a great impact on the audience. People start relating to scenario depicted on screen.


Local Reach

The advertiser has the capability to design the media plan as local as his own city. Even more the advertiser can choose the specific Cinema Theater or may be a single AUDI.