Radio Advertising

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One of the most recent and cost effective medium of advertising is Radio FM. It started in India as recent as in 2001. The medium enjoys a market share of 5 – 8% of the media spends in India. The medium offers multiple options of advertising like, Simple Jingles, RJ Mentions, Sponsorship Tags, Consumer Contests,Studio Shift, Road Block etc..

Benefits of Radio FM

Local Reach

Radio FM gives an opportunity to focus on specific cities. The campaign can be designed for the particular region and thus Brands can execute different schemes /offers in different locations.

Message Registration

The frequency of spots in a campaign design the no: of hits in the mind of the consumer. The Brand has the flexibility to design the spot duration and no: of spots in a day to register its message.​

Cost Effective

Radio FM advertising is one of the most cost-effective tool of advertising. The cost/ reach is highly effective.

Multiple Jingles

The advertiser can use multiple jingles in a single campaign to register the communication in the mind of listener.


The medium also offers a two-way communication system. The Radio Contest /Marketing & Promotional.