Digital Marketing

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This most recent form of advertising is cost effective and efficient in results. It has gained          momentum over a few years and is on a rising spree since its evolution. Digital Marketing takes way the share of around 17 – 20% o total Media Spends in India.

Benefits of Digital Marketing

Quantifiable ROI

The medium offers tracking the performance of media campaign thereby comparing the results and ROI.

Complete Control

It enables the Advertiser to monitor the campaign performance on real time. It also gives complete control to change / pause or stop the campaign while the campaign is live.

No Minimum Budget

There is no minimum budget required for a digital media campaign. It allows the advertiser to initiate the small ticket campaigns as low as INR 1000 also.Similarly, there is no upper cap of spends by the advertiser.

Geographical Reach

The advertiser is free to define the geographic of the campaign. The campaign could be Hyper Local / Local / Regional / National / Worldwide.

Precision of Target Audience

Digital Marketing enables the advertiser to reach out to the exact audience it desires. There is a freedom to define the Demographics, Interests, Expenditures, etc..

Interactive Medium

Digital Advertising is not only used for branding, however it can be used for a call to action. It offers a two-way communication platform the consumer also has a window to share his viewpoint.