Newspaper Advertising

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One of the oldest forms of advertising is to advertise in a newspaper. This is one of the most reliable sources of information, thus readers relate directly with Newspapers adverts. Newspaper Advertising enjoys the major market share of media spends in India. It is still believed that advertising is not complete without advertising in this medium. This medium can be classified into National, Regional, Vernaculars & Local Newspapers. There are 3 basic formats of advertising in Newspapers.

  • Classified Section
  • Display Section
  • Innovations

Benefits of Newspaper Advertising

Massive Reach

Newspapers reach out the large population in India. The medium is used as a specific tool when the Brand has to communicate its message to masses.

Clear Communication

The medium offers an easy way to transmit the message to the reader. The adverts are self-explanatory and pass on the crystal clear message to the target audience.


Newspapers do give a feature of localization, wherein advertising can be limited to specific Editions, Cities, Zones. This enables the SME’s to target the desired region.


This is one of the most used media when it comes to Innovation. Since Innovations are done to attract the consumers, thus the reader always appreciates new ways of Innovation

Brand Integration

Newspapers at time do special features which integrate well with the Brand Values and enhance the credibility. This effort leaves an impact in the mind of reader and benefits the brand in long run.