We find that advertising works the way grass grows.You can never
see it, but every week you have to move the lawn” – Andy Travis.

Advertising refers to an impersonal form of communication, which is paid by the marketers to promote some goods or service. It provides information or details regarding the benefits, price and availability of the goods and services. The basic purpose of Advertising is to increase the demand and sales of goods and services.

Features of Advertising

Paid Form

Advertising is the paid form of communication. The sponsor has to bear the cost of communicating with the perspective customers.


Advertising is an impersonal method of promotion as there is no direct face to face contact between customer and the advertiser. It creates a monologue (one-sided communication) and not a dialogue.

Identified Sponsor

Advertising is undertaken by some identified individuals or company, who makes the advertising efforts and also bears the cost of it.

Merits of Advertising

Mass Reach: Advertising is a medium through which an advertiser reaches out to large number of people over a vast geographical are

Increased Customer Satisfaction: Advertising creates confidence amongst the buyers as they feel more comfortable about the brand they have noticed in the past. Advertising enhances the assurance about the product quality in the mind of the buyer.

Expressiveness:With the use of latest techniques, graphics and multimedia, modern advertising has become one of the most forceful medium of communication. The special effects created help in communicating the message with more appeal, expressiveness and attractiveness.

Economy:The total advertising cost is spread over a large number of people, hence the per-unit cost of reaching a prospective buyer is very less.

Roles of Advertising

Creates Demand:

It helps to create demand by informing the prospective customers about the product.

Economies of Scale:It provides economies of scale as increased demand leads to higher sales which in turn leads to higher production.

Educates Customers:It educates its customers by informing the availability of different products in the market.

Generates Employment:It generates employment by creating various kinds of jobs to artists, script writers, etc..

Improves Standard of Living:It improves the standard of living by giving information about new products and product up gradation.

Sustains Media:It sustains media by acting as a source of revenue for the Media House.